Rocky Ridge


Treks - 1 km from the farm, one can walk down to a large check dam, which makes a decent sized reservoir of water called Thadikal Lake. Water availability is dependent on rains. Swimming, bathing at own risk. Fish might be present in water, but no fishing allowed by general public. Only local villagers have license to fish in the lake.

On the east side of Thadikal Lake, there is a temple on a hillock with a local deity for worship. On the south side of Thadikal Lake, along the water body, there is a bamboo forest, for about 2 to 4 km. Trekking possible, but at own risk. There are a lot of rocky hillocks within 1 to 2 km radius of the farm, which can be used for trekking and basic freestyle rock climbing.

RATNAGIRI FORT - Situated about 8 km away, its an ancient fort on top of a small rocky hill, ideal for a cycle ride to and fro, and a small climb to the top, with a temple at the top too. Click the hyper-link for more details from another traveller.

RESERVE FOREST DRIVE - There is a Reserve forest (Cauvery Reserve Forest), 8 km away from the farm which you can drive through and see the heavy growth of bamboo trees. There is a small lake in the middle which sometimes has elephants coming for a drink of water, if you are lucky you may see them too, but chance are pretty rare.

PANCHAPALLI DAM / RESERVOIR - 10 km from the farm, on the same state highway, going towards Dharmapuri, there is Panchapalli Dam/Reservoir. Water availability is dependent on rains. No swimming, bathing allowed. Picnic area in the form of a tree garden below the dam. No facilities for bathrooms etc.