Rocky Ridge

Who We Are

Rocky Ridge is an organic farm and retreat, with a café, offering simple and healthy living and relaxation with mother nature. It is in a very picturesque valley on the higher slopes, on the Denkanikota-Palacode state highway.

Rocky Ridge Farm, Retreat and Café are part of Rocky Ridge Enterprises, owned and operated by nature lovers and animal/wild-life lovers. We are passionate about natural way of farming and sustainable living. We respect mother nature and try to work with her always. We love to share what we have with like-minded guests at nominal costs.


Rocky Ridge Farm

We follow natural farming practices as much as we can, to reduce the items we import in to the farm to the bare minimum. We make our own bio-nutrients such as Jiwamrita, Panchagavya, Farm-yard manure and Vermicompost. We also make our own bio-pesticides based on neem, pongamia, yucca, lantana and Veppali (WhrigtiaTinctoria). All these trees and bushes grow naturally on our farm. You can purchase fresh produce (maybe even pluck it yourself 😊). The produce available would also be listed on if you want to purchase online and pickup when you visit the farm.

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The Fruit Orchard

We have about 400 mango trees of various varieties. The main variety around the farm is Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango trees. We also have Sendhura, Peethar (Raspuri), Benglura (Tothapuri) and Malgova trees.

The Vegetable Growing Areas

We grow seasonal vegetables of various type, mainly Tomato Hybrid and Nati, Brinjal, Chilli, Capsicum, Cucumber, Ridge Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Pumpkin, Carrots, Radish, and leafy vegetables.

The Dairy Area

We have our own cows, which graze on our organic farm. The cows are not given any hormonal drugs for enhancing the milk production. The milk is used for making dairy products and used in café.

Rocky Ridge Retreat

Rocky Ridge Retreat has Cottages and Tents for those who want to just chill out and experience nature at close hand.

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The Cottages

The Retreat consists of 2 large cottages, capable of housing 6 adults each, with attached modern western bathrooms, kitchenette for minor cooking, cable TV and washing machine.

The Tents

The tents are for 2 persons or 2 persons with kids, i.e. family with small children. They can be pitched anywhere on the farm, but preferably near the common facilities like bathrooms and dining area.

Rocky Ridge Café

Rocky Ridge Café is part of Rocky Ridge farm and located very ideally with a picturesque view of the hills, valley and forest around the farm. The farm offers day and overnight stay options with various activities. The café offers a range of freshly prepared and readymade snacks, along with hot and cold beverages.

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Coffee Day Cappuccino, Coffee Day Latte, Coffee Day Espresso, Filter Coffee, Any Tea with milk, Milk with Horlicks, Milk, Fresh Seasonal Juices, Tender Coconut, Ready to drink beverages


Paratha with Raita, Chole with Puri, Kachori, Pasta with Sauce, Garlic Bread, Vegetarian Sandwich, Vegetarian Sandwich with Cheese, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Vegetarian Burger, Vegetarian Burger with Cheese, French Fries, Ready to eat foods