Rocky Ridge

Splash Pools

We have a pond as shown above which fills up with shallow water during rainy season and you can splash around in it if you are ok with some frogs accompanying you.

But if you want to be perfectly safe, we have a nice splash pool all year around, which can take adults and children of all ages. The water levels are only about 3 feet max in the adult’s area, and 2 feet in the children’s area.

We only use fresh water with no chemicals. The splash pool is filled up and open only on weekends. During weekdays, we let the water out for irrigation of plants on the farm and keep the pool empty.

No diving allowed. No life-guards available, so you would be responsible for safety for yourself and family. Rubber tubes are available on request. Please do bring your swim suits and observe proper swimming pool etiquette during the use of the splash pool. Normal clothing not allowed.