Rocky Ridge


MOTOR-CYCLING & BICYCLING Rocky Ridge Café is an ideal pit stop for Motorcyclists and Bicyclists from Bangalore who are meandering through the hills in that area. We provide light snacks and beverages appropriate to your needs, along with rest area and play area, so that you can take a break and relax for a while.

We also stock Petrol, Diesel, oil for our farm vehicles and have a tyre puncture facility which you can use in an emergency.

Rocky Ridge Café can be a starting and ending point for a 62.9 km run through the hills, a reserve forest and valley around the café. Eat your breakfast at the café, go around the loop and come back for lunch. Rest for some time and play our sports offering and then have a big coffee before heading back to Bangalore. It is not advisable to do this run in the dark, so please plan accordingly.