Rocky Ridge


On weekends we provide farming knowledge and short courses on organic + natural farming. You can join the farming activity going on at the farm, and our certified farmers can explain everything in detail to you. We also have option to purchase all the home garden items you may need to setup your own small kitchen plants section in your home, including vegetable saplings.

Special Offers

We do offer special packages for various purposes and occasions. E.g.

Weekend Farming Package- This includes stay for 4 persons in a cottage with all meals served from Saturday 10 am to Sunday 5 pm.

The package includes a detailed tour of the farm and also active participation in each aspect of farming, from planting seeds, making vegetable beds, transplanting saplings, irrigation and care of the plants using natural means, harvesting and saving seeds. The full cycle of natural farming. The trainers would be certified organic and natural farmers. You can also try your hand at some of the farm vehicles and implements e.g. tractors, rotovators, spray machines etc.

You will be given a book at the end of the package, written by us, which tells you everything you need to know about organic and natural farming.

You can also equip yourself with everything you need to get your own home garden going, including saplings of vegetables, sprays, etc.