Rocky Ridge

Rocky Ridge Retreat

Rocky Ridge Retreat has Cottages and Tents for those who want to just chill out and experience nature at close hand.


Spread over the front portion of the farm, the cottages are designed in an eco-friendly manner using natural material for most part.

While they are rustic by design, they offer all modern comforts one might need. E.g. western toilet / bathroom, kitchenette with all appliances, optional washing machine, TV with satellite TV, and comfortable beds with clean linen. They are ideal for overnight stays and also for longer stays in case you want to commune with nature for a long period of time.

Each cottage can easily accommodate 4 adults and 2 children. We provide extra beds for an extended family stay.

The cottages are pet friendly, we have fencing around the cottage to enclose your pet. We prefer that you only bring dogs to the farm. Other pets may not be easily protected in the cottages.


The tents are for 2 persons or 2 persons with kids, i.e. family with small children. They can be pitched anywhere on the farm, but preferably near the common facilities like bathrooms and dining area. We can accommodate 4 tents at a time at the Retreat.

Special Offers

We do offer special packages for various purposes and occasions. E.g.

Weekend Farming Package- This includes stay for 4 persons in a cottage with all meals served from Saturday 10 am to Sunday 5 pm.

The package includes a detailed tour of the farm and also active participation in each aspect of farming, from planting seeds, making vegetable beds, transplanting saplings, irrigation and care of the plants using natural means, harvesting and saving seeds. The full cycle of natural farming. The trainers would be certified organic and natural farmers. You can also try your hand at some of the farm vehicles and implements e.g. tractors, rotovators, spray machines etc.

You will be given a book at the end of the package, written by us, which tells you everything you need to know about organic and natural farming.

You can also equip yourself with everything you need to get your own home garden going, including saplings of vegetables, sprays, etc.


We host special occasions such as national holidays, new years eve etc. with festive food and activities. Register with our portal online and we will keep you updated on these events.

Food Options

During weekdays, you can ask our cook to cook a simple meal for you or you can cook it yourself, we provide all the utensils and ingredients you may need. For weekends we have elaborate breakfast, lunch and dinner options which you can avail. These are part of our weekend packages, please see below for details. You can always eat at our Café also, please check out the Café Menu.